Decapitation of the American Regime in a Nuclear Strike

Decapitation of the American regime in a nuclear strike leaves it unable to retaliate in the short term. The command structure demands that the US president provide decisions, commands, and codes for any nuclear attack or counterattack. The US dogma is that this will be done in as little as a few minutes, when the threat presents itself and when hostile missiles are incoming. If a nuclear bomb is planted in Washington D.C. and detonated without warming, a cruise missile evades radar detection coming in from the east coast, or a space based weapon is used with only seconds of warning, the US is left without leadership and without the codes necessary to launch any missiles from US silos. For the United States to be able to use its land based nuclear deterrent after the destruction of nuclear codes, the president, the CIA H.Q., the Congress and the Pentagon, it could take days or even weeks.

Forward deployed assets may still be able to act, be they aircraft or submarines, but their command being gone, they will not have the decision makers nor the rank required to launch an attack. The intelligence will not be available to them to determine who attacked and destroyed Washington. If they do retaliate, they risk attacking a nuclear power that will then be forced to destroy the entire United States, one that may be entirely innocent of any wrongdoing.

Now for some scenarios as to how Washington D.C. can be obliterated.

1. North Koreans are provoked into a preemptive strike fearing that a sitting U.S. president will attempt to exterminate their population in a nuclear holocaust. They use a space based weapon and destroy all of the Pentagon leadership, White House staff and its cabinet, the Congress and most think tanks who have put the United States on path to genocide. They only conduct an EMP attack to further disable US military, which is unable to determine who attacked them. The Koreans say nothing over diplomatic channels. They do not warn of the attack. They do not claim success for the attack.

2. Pakistan feels existentially threatened by American presence in Afghanistan; its leadership radicalizes or is overtaken by hardcore Islamists. The hate for the American regime grows as its citizens are persecuted and driven out of the US under a fascist leadership. They conduct a clandestine operation to mimic DPRK’s nuclear preemption option and decapitate the American regime in an identical scenario. Nuclear weapon destroys all of Washington. EMP attack leaves US in chaos. American military doesn’t know who hit them.

3. DPRK sells a nuclear bomb to AQ base out of Pakistan, which under a fake flag poses as a cargo ship. Picks up the weapon for a Korean ship in mid sea under the cover of night. The AQ ship makes its way to Washington D.C., the US regime is decapitated. No faction or state claims responsibility, their only motivation revenge for genocide and prevention of a nuclear holocaust.

4. ANTIFA sees the fascist American regime radicalize, as the Deep State turns towards greater persecution, violence and ruthlessness. Mass mind control, mass shootings, suppression of protests and false incarceration are no longer clandestine ops, but obvious and daily status quo. Regime decapitation not only becomes rational, but necessary to avoid mass extinction and a nuclear holocaust. ANTIFA fields several smart operatives to infiltrate US Air Force, with the aim of gaining control of an aircraft that carries a nuclear weapon. They succeed, fly over Washington D.C. and terminate the mass murdering American regime. The US military martyrs the brave ANTIFA revolutionary operatives as their warplane becomes a fireball in the sky. Oh wait, no. They shoot down a plane load of innocent tourists in a Boeing 737 as the F-35 disappears off radar and makes its way directly north to Russia via Canada.

5. Anonymous hackers decide that it is time to put an end to the round ups, torture, assassination and endless persecution by the American regime. They befriend a crew of a Minute Man silo, then infiltrate the computing systems. They reprogram a missile to hit Washington D.C. Calling in for a missile strike, they fake the president’s voice with new high-end software. Having gained access to a quantum computing platform, they’re able to provide valid presidential codes. The reprogrammed missile is launched by a drugged crew, it scores a direct hit on the National Mall and decapitates the sadistic American regime. The Anonymous do a world wide internet campaign against nuclear weapons. UN backs them and within six months, all the violators of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons agree to destroy their arsenals as they fear for the survival of their own regimes. UN happily sends in inspectors to oversee compliance.

6. Israel’s radical Zionists decide to retaliate for American designed crimes of the 20th century, including Eugenics and the Holocaust. Their hate for Muslims overflows and they use the excuse to do a false flag against the American regime. For months Mossad warns of an AQ ship being a nuclear danger to the American capital, having been equipped with a North Korean hydrogen bomb. Their ploy works well, and they provide false intel to the Americans, now they suspect that the Saudis are funding the operation. At the last-minute, Mossad ‘finds out’ the danger is far worse: Pakistan arranged with Saudi Arabia for a sub with nuclear cruise missiles to be stolen by AQ, and KSA funds the operation “Wrath of God”. Israel then uses its own sub to strike Washington, as the fascist American president campaigns in Florida. Bibi calls him and immediately provides full details on those involved: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and a transnational Islamist terrorist faction. The Israeli prime minister is a steadfast friend and offers to exterminate all Muslim capitals in retaliation. The American president takes it upon himself to do the honors. Netanyahu congratulates him on a brave and necessary decision. Mecca and Medina go the way of Sodom and Gomorrah in a fiery hell of heavenly vengeance. The Dome of the Rock temple is bulldozed and soon the Third Temple of Jerusalem takes its place.

7. Trump decides to renegotiate NAFTA while making a case for nuclear disarmament of North Korea, he also wants to mass murder Mexicans in a scheme to keep La Rasa in check and on their side of the border, while decimating their ranks. CIA screams like bloody hell, disclosing that Mexican communists working with North Koreans are trying to smuggle a nuclear weapon from Mexico, with the aim to implant one for a preemptive nuclear strike in Washington D.C. which will leave no warning and be able to decapitate the US leadership. Rumor has it the North Korean hydrogen bomb is already in Mexico City. As the press drives the world public into a frenzy of horror with millions of faces glued to their TV screens… all suspicions are proven true as Mexico City suddenly turns into a mushroom cloud due to a premature nuclear explosion. The weapon is in fact American and delivered by the Skull and Bone indoctrinated CIA operatives working closely with high ranked fascists who had their hands on the U.S. nuclear arsenal. The missing nuke is reported to have been dismantled as part of a US agreement with Russia to reduce the number of nuclear warheads held by both powers.

8. Poland sees more persecution of its nationals in the UK as Brexit comes to fruition and economic situation in Great Britain turns to a desperate one. American fascists take liking to the idea and start persecuting Poles in the United States. After hundreds of racially motivated murders, Poland gives the US an ultimatum, stop the bullshit or face clandestine retaliation. Poles continue to be mind-controlled, tortured, persecuted and now also killed in street violence that sees no meaningful prosecution. Poland decides to retaliate for the CIA murder of the Polish president, its elite and nearly 300 other EU citizens as well as American orchestrated war in the Ukraine. It schemes with Russia to blame Pakistan for it. Having overheard the brilliant plan Bibi came up with, Poland decides to use some of its old USSR warheads and places them on the newly purchased cruise missiles. Bibi’s hands are bloodless, he now just has to play the KSA-Pakistan-AQ card and set up Muslim capitals for extermination to end the barbaric scourge of Islamist expansion. Polish sub in the Chesapeake Bay launches nuclear armed cruise missiles killing all of Trump’s political opposition. Shocked and despaired, the American public now has a de facto emperor, as all of Washington’s bureaucracy, politicians and think tanks have just evaporated. Trump has no CIA reports to rely on, as everything in its H.Q. is now forever classified in an unapproachable mausoleum. The American Emperor orders the thorough holocaust of all Muslims on Earth. It starts with nuclear attacks against Muslim capitals. Most of Middle East becomes a nuclear desert. Soon after, high tech biological weapons are deployed to eradicate anyone with Mohammed’s lineage. Nuclear winter starves millions as the West grimly refuses aid. Frequent TV memorials are held for the Martyrs of Washington. We will never forget. Nor forgive.